MOVEMENT 22 To Help Save A Veteran's Life

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We have officially partnered with MOVEMENT 22.  An organization that seeks to prevent and eradicate veteran suicides.  Their mission is not one of just awareness but rather action and prevention.  We are are manufacturing and shipping wraps to those that want to show their support and to help raise funds to support their much needed mission. #22ToNone

The awareness is there. It’s time to act. 

There are plenty of groups dedicated to raising awareness. Our  mission is to cause a drastic decrease in veteran suicide by actively engaging the problem not only through extensive and proven medical research, but through reestablishing the sense of community lost to so many veterans that have gone their separate ways after their honorable service. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call.

A movement is defined as a group action of individuals or an organization with a specific focus to influence a social change for the better.

 As of 2015 on average 22 military veterans commit suicide daily. Movement 22 is a for-cause organization comprised of Military Combat Veterans and Doctors combating the veteran suicide epidemic proactively vice reactively. As the majority of us are combat veterans with multiple deployments under our belts we understand the day-to-day struggles our fellow service members undergo when dealing with the transition back into civilian life. As a separated military veteran things can get rough as from time to time you may feel isolated and alone.

But you are never alone. 

We are Movement 22 and we are here for you.