Memorial Wraps™ P.O.W. - M.I.A. Tribute: "You Are Not Forgotten"

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Dedicated to the Prisoners of War and those Missing In Action that gave of themselves and have not made it home yet.  You are NOT forgotten.

Hand-made by Veterans in the U.S.A.

30" Long x 3" Wide Heavy Duty Friction Wrist Wrap.  Memorial Wraps™ is the industry leader in durability, support and quality.  All of our wraps are hand-cut and hand-made with industrial grade cotton/canvas material, all logos and decoration are embroidered as a standard, high quality 4 thread over-lock serge border stitching and even our retention cord is made out of military grade paracord (will not rot, mildew or decay; the same para-cord or "550" that we used when we jumped out of airplanes for a living).

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: To maximize the life of your Memorial Wraps™ and to preserve our warranty/product guarantee, hand-wash your wrap with a mild detergent/soap and air dry.