LEO: "So That Others May Live"

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Black Wrap, Blue Stitching, Blue Cord.

The cost of safety and order can be high.  Thankfully we have the men and women in blue that commit their lives and their well being to the rest of us.  For your service to all of us, we honor you.  For those that have fallen in the line of duty, we will not forget nor waste the sacrifice.  Thank you.

30" Long x 3" Wide Heavy Duty Friction Wrist Wrap.  Memorial Wraps™ is the industry leader in durability, support and quality.  All of our wraps are hand-cut and hand-made with industrial grade cotton/canvas material, all logos and decoration are embroidered as a standard, high quality 4 thread over-lock serge border stitching and even our retention cord is made out of military grade paracord (will not rot, mildew or decay; the same para cord or "550" that we used when we jumped out of airplanes for a living).

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: To maximize the life of your Memorial Wraps™ and to preserve our warranty/product guarantee, hand-wash your wrap with a mild detergent/soap and air dry.