Fire Fighter Michael Hallen Beck Memorial Wrist Wraps

Firefighter Michael "Mikey" Hallenbeck - US Forest Service

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Michael "Mikey" Hallenbeck, 21, died on August 8, 2015 when a falling tree had struck him during a lightning induced fire in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Sierra-At-Tahoe. Mikey was one of the most courageous, selfless, caring men that many had ever met. He had a love so strong for the outdoors that no one could tell him to stay away from doing what he loved to do. His dream of saving our forests will never be forgotten. Mikey put his soul into doing what he loved, and all his might into protecting our community by putting his life at risk so we could be safe. Although his firefighting career had just started, he was never one to give up on his work, and was always the last one out there putting his best effort into getting the job done, no matter what. 

Firefighting was one of Mikey's passions, but, as the mountain man he was, he also loved being outdoors snowboarding and hiking, along with many other sports he was involved in kept him active. He had many friends that shared his same hobbies and lived with them in South Lake Tahoe, where he loved to be. He had a loving mother, father, sister, and many family members who were so proud of his recent accomplishments of joining the US Forest Service to save the outdoors, as well as his positive attitude and staying motivated, that kept others wanting to do the same. Michael lit up the world with his infectious smile which came from his soul. Everything he did in life, he did with passion and strength. Mikey will be remembered as a hero, our hero, and the strength of his spirit lives on in us forever. 


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