Cancer Victim Tribute: "Ribbons To Remember"

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Not every warrior wears a uniform or wields a weapon in the conventional sense. In fact, far too many of us have borne witness to the strength and determination by love ones whom have waged battle on this evil thing called "cancer." Some of the bravest, most courageous and strongest people have fallen victim to the fight against this all- too-common disease.

We honor the memory of loved ones, friends, mentors and heroes that have passed-on after their bout with cancer. We also recognize the valiant effort of those that have fought this battle with every fiber in their body, and won. You are heroes.  

Memorial Wraps™ is now offering "Ribbons to Remember:" a line of wraps to help pay tribute to these incredible people. We will offer a variety of colors that represent different types of cancer.

Keep Fighting.  Keep Remembering.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: To maximize the life of your Memorial Wraps™ and to preserve our warranty/product guarantee, hand-wash your wrap with a mild detergent/soap and air dry.