Our customer service & over-arching business policy:


"When you treat people like customers, you build a business. When you treat people like family, you build a family.  We are in the business of building a family.”


You will be hard pressed to find a better, more durable, more supportive wrap, anywhere.  The moment you open up the package, you will see that the quality of our construction, material and finished look is unmatched in an industry that aims to mass produce as much as possible, as fast as possible.  Don't believe us?  Try them out.  If you don't think they are better than what you currently use, send them back for a refund.

Our wraps are literally hand-made in the United States.  Each individual wrap is hand-cut, embroidered, composed of two-piece construction, and serged around the entire perimeter of the wrap for a great look and increased durability.  The retention cord is made of military grade para-cord...the kind that we used to use when we "fell" out of military aircraft.  Also, when available, each set of Memorial Wraps includes an option for a glossy 5  x 7 Memorial Placard that highlights more personal information about the Military Servicemember, LEO, Firefighter, First Responder, Cancer Victim, Victim of Veteran Suicide, etc.


Additionally, we are committing a portion from the sale of each pair of wraps to a designated charity (such as Gallant Few, The Darby Project, Law Enforcement Officer Memorial, National Fallen Firefighter Memorial, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, 22 Too Many, and more).  We aim to not just make a difference, but to BE THE DIFFERENCE in our community.


This is clearly about MORE THAN A WRIST WRAP...this is about adding to legacies by helping people remember the fallen in a more profound way.


Thank you for your support.




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