The Darby Project

The Darby Project Mission

To facilitate a successful transition for Army Ranger veterans from active military service to a civilian life filled with hope and purpose. RLTW!

The Darby Project is a network of networks that synchronizes the efforts of veteran support organizations to lead revolutionary transition services for the elite Army Rangers!  We are not waiting for the next war to figure this out.

Three Pillars of The Darby Project:

  1. RESILIENCE: Educate active duty Rangers still serving of the programs available to them now and after leaving the service.
  2. REINTEGRATION: Coordinate Ranger education programs and available resources before the Ranger exits active duty.
  3. REDIRECTION: Provide assistance to those Ranger veterans and families that need additional care and assistance after Rangers have entered civilian life.

Darby Project Story

Ranger veteran, founder and Executive Director of GallantFew, Karl Monger realized as GallantFew grew that he needed a Ranger specific organization and founded The Darby Project.  As a result  Ranger Veteran Grant McGarry joined as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Darby Project in February of 2015.

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