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*All of the samples depicted in the above gallery were made my Memorial Wraps™ but the images do not warrant nor constitute a specified relationship.

Only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

If you are an athlete or gym that appreciates more supportive and the highest of quality wraps for your training sessions, then we are the fit for you.  Memorial Wraps™ uses a cotton/canvas blend of fabric that is unique to the marketplace.  This material is more supportive and has a uniquely comfortable break-in feel that you will appreciate as a serious athlete or someone looking for a better piece of equipment.  Undoubtedly, others will eventually copy our methods and material used because they are far superior than what the industry is accustomed to....but, we know where we stand and the craftsmanship and expertise we have in making wraps in this manner.  

In addition, we elect NOT to use the shoe-string variety that other wraps companies use at their retention cord.  We invest more $ in material to provide you with military grade para-cord that serves as our retention cord.  This feature will not mildew, mold, rip, tear, break fray or otherwise have a detrimental effect on the form and function of your Memorial Wraps™.

Simply put, for the serious athlete that wants a serious product, we are the best.


Virtually any color combination to match your branding or to shake things up.

Stand out. Get a product you and your members deserve.  Don't settle for limited availability or the better of two evils.  Design your own wrap scheme based on your own design and creativity.  Choose your wrap color, border/accent stitching color, retention cord color and desired gym logo.  Not only can you pick you wrap design scheme, Memorial Wraps™ includes, as a standard perk, a second color scheme for use as an alternate option for your membership.  Not only will your members enjoy having options, some of our gym partners elect to use this offering to create wraps for their female members and male members.  It's up to you how you choose to use your alternate design option!


Custom Clothing Available

T-shirts, Hats, Banners,  Pop up Tents, and Much More


Quarterly Sample Program (QSP).

Each quarter, Memorial Wraps™ offers a complimentary sampling program for a select number of gym registrants.  We make the announcements in January, April, July and October.  This is a first come first serve program where the first 10 gyms to email us their logo and request a sample (via will get access to that quarter's sample program.  All others will be placed on a waiting list and we will contact you individually if an opportunity for free samples become available.  This program's intent is to give you an opportunity to do a functional review of our wraps to assess both form and function.  Once satisfied with our product, services and validation of our mission, we communicate & work with you to earn your trust and business for a lifetime.