The Why Behind Memorial Wraps™


Memorial Wraps™ is a brand of a  Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB); owned and operated by two former US Army Rangers.  You will see that Memorial Wraps™ is much more than a business geared toward the manufacturing, distribution and sale of fitness accessories.  This organization's principle objective is to bring awareness, honor and remembrance to those who gave all of themselves for the sake of others.  Our humble business is passionately driven to ensure that Military Service Members killed in action, Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty, and Firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice are all remembered and honored by those who are willing to listen and keep their memory alive.  We believe that it is simply not enough to erect a monument, etch names into a wall, or to otherwise memorialize these heroes in traditional fashion.  We aim to complement these efforts by helping to tell the story of who these men and women were as people....both in AND out of uniform.  We will honor them in their death but want to highlight HOW THEY LIVED.  Use the wraps as motivation, as a memory, as a functional piece of training equipment - but most of all, make sure that you never forget their names, faces and who they were.  NEVER, EVER, EVER.  We owe them at least that much.


We create and manufacture custom, friction weight-lifting wrist wraps that highlight military unit insignia, badge numbers/Thin Blue Line, and Thin Red Lines in addition to names, KIA dates, "Last Alarms" and End of Watch Dates.  Additionally, upon request (and with the families' support and blessing), each pair of Memorial Wraps™ is shipped with a 5" x 7" memorial placard that highlights a picture of the Military Service Member/LEO/Firefighter on one side and bio information about who they were and how they lived on the reverse side.  We feel that it is of paramount importance to provide bio information that is not a formal "cut and paste" type of write up.  We take great care in citing multiple sources to make sure that we provide the masses with a well-rounded collection of information to illustrate the lives of the people we aim to honor.


And finally, we give back.  Our aim is to create meaningful employment opportunities for Veterans, promote Veteran support, honor and advocate for gold star families, and donate to charitable organizations.  Your purchases contribute to the training and employment of Veterans at Memorial Wraps™.  The honor, reflection and purpose associated with the work that is done becomes therapeutic for those that take part in the process of hand-making products that honor the fallen.  For every item sold, we fuel the ability to employ veterans as well as donating proceeds to charitable organization.  On a quarterly basis, these proceeds will benefit organizations like: Gallant Few, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, National Fallen Firefighter Foundation, The Next Objective, The Darby Project, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, The Raider Project, and perhaps a charity of your choosing.

We have but one life to live...there is no exception to this reality.  For those that gave everything so that the rest of us may live, WE WILL honor you.

Thank you for the greatest gift you could ever give.



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