SSG Ricardo Barraza - 2d Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

SSG Ricardo Barraza - 2d Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

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30" Long x 3" Wide Heavy Duty Friction Wrist Wrap.  Memorial Wraps™ is the industry leader in durability, support and quality.  All of our wraps are hand-cut and hand-made with industrial grade cotton/canvas material, all logos and decoration are embroidered as a standard, high quality 4 thread over-lock serge border stitching and even our retention cord is made out of military grade paracord (will not rot, mildew or decay; the same para cord or "550" that we used when we jumped out of airplanes for a living).

A narrative about Ranger Barraza:


A belly laughing, prank pulling, strong-as-a-bull badass that took the concept of “Rangering” to a level all his own.  This man was the cream of the crop.  He was the best at what he did as an Airborne Ranger, the best friend you could ask for, stubborn as all hell but loyal beyond your imagination.


Ric went by many names: “Ricky” by his family, “Barraza” by his comrades”, “Sarn’t” by those he led, “Nacho” by an inner circle of brothers, and, he also titled himself “The Ocho”.  No matter what name you called him, one thing was true, he would be there for you if you needed him.


Ric was fearless, insanely competitive, contemplative, intelligent, proud, patriotic, and lived the Ranger Creed until his very last breath.  He loved his fiancée, Meghan, with his whole heart, and loved their daughter Kayla more than life itself.


Ric is and always will be more than just a name engraved into some memorial wall, KIA bracelet or even a set of Memorial Wraps. Ric was a human being.  An American.  A hero to those that didn’t know him and a brother to those that fought and drank beers with him.


Ric is not only missed beyond measure, there is a gaping hole in the hearts of many that love him as a brother.


We will honor your memory, earn your sacrifice and make sure that people remember who you were and how you lived.


‘Tis very true…Greater love hath no man that he would lay down his life for his friends…..Rangers Lead The Way.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: To maximize the life of your Memorial Wraps™ and to preserve our warranty/product guarantee, hand-wash your wrap with a mild detergent/soap and air dry.